Hey It's My Friend Frank!
Do I have to sit through this???
Say What!?!
Don't Cry
Not Us
The Boy Who Could Fly
On My Head
And Without Further Ado.....
Repeat When Necessary
Things From Way Back When
Future Stuff

Why My Friend Amy is So Damn Cool
Cool, Cool, Cool

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1) Caroline is so cute

2) Her family (Dad, Mom, Jan, Steven, Carrie, Laura, Grandmom) is cool

3) She trapped a hot man like Gary

4) If I don't do something for forgetting to add her to my "Peeps" list and then for putting her too far from the top she may not let me stay at her house in Ocean City when vacationing

5) She "don't take no shit"

6) Because she now has DSL! (no dumbell she doesn't need antibiotics for that)

7) She hates pretty much the same people that I hate

8) She watches Sex in the City

9) She likes Marmaduke-----really!

10) She has cable TV (Digital!)

11) She has cool friends

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12) She loves me more than life.

13) She is hot as shit.

14) She makes men want to change their colors.

15) She is pretty much a star now. (She is no Britney Spears but you know, who is? Madonna?).


Roses are red,
  grass is green.
If I was in charge,
  I'd make Amy the queen.
Although the gold crown,
  to Amy I'd bequeath.
The one in charge,
  Would still be Gloria Neith!
I am not sure of anything else but please email me if you can think of anything. Please guys-I'm dying here.