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People I Have Seriously Hurt (or nearly killed) and How
So Sorry! 
1) Missy Kissner(Brawner)(Cousin) 1983 I almost killed her when the broken door of my '73 Duster flew open and she flew out of my car and flew across Falls Road up near Poly and flew across the ground like the Greatest American Hero. I sure was scared to tell your parents- remember how we busted out laughing when we told them: me, you, and Stacie? (Referenced by Missy in guest book)
2) Little John (Cousin/Godson) 1998  Pushed him really hard on the swing and he flew off and across the ground and skinned his knees with huge scabs 
3) Little John (Cousin/Godson) 1997 Took him to the rec and, after about 40 seconds, he came running and screaming and one of his front teeth got knocked out on the monkey bars. Boy I sure was afraid to tell Stacie. She was really upset and was preparing to take him to the hospital and I said, "He sure is going to look cute in his pictures!"
4) 5) 6) removed by request
7) Gloria Harvey, Jr (LuLu) (Cousin)  Mid 70's Tried to catch LuLu on fire. After being enthralled with KISS, Mike and I started taking Mom's Aqua Net and spraying it on our hands and arms and setting it on fire. It didn't even burn our skin, but it would catch on fire for only a minute and go out. After showing LuLu, she said with wild eyes, "You guys are crazy!"  We tried to encourage her to try it so she could "impress" her friends by showing them what she could do. Again, she said, "You guys are crazy." Next thing you know I have her pinned down on the floor with the can of Aqua Net in my hand and I am hollering, "Mike, get the matches, quick!" We never set her on fire though because she was screaming bloody murder so loudly that we thought Gram would hear her next door. Girls, who can figure them out? (Again, people, do not leave boys home by themselves. How many times do I have to tell ya?--1, 2, 3, 4, 5, other)
Many colors are roses,
  but our favorite is red.
I am so very thankful,
  I didn't make you dead.
(This page inspired by Missy Kisner's complaint about how I almost killed her in 1983-she can't let anything go)
If I nearly killed you please submit the particulars and you may be showcased on this page!
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