Hey It's My Friend Frank!
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Nice Stories From My Past-Mostly Childhood


The Story Of My Mom and Me Watching the Ghost and Mrs. Muir

This is a great movie I saw with my mom when I was little. We watched it every couple years. Back then movies came on and it took a couple of years for the circumstances to allow you to watch them again. We watched it and always fell asleep on it. When I was a teen we watched, determined to stay awake. When the movie was over, Mom jumped up and said, "I cannot believe all these years and I finally saw-when I was a little girl my aunt took me to movies and at the end a man and woman walked into heaven on a cloud of steps but that is all I ever rememberd of it-and all the times we tried to watch it and we fell asleep and this was the movie. I thought that was incredible and as good as the movie is, this memory makes me like it all the more. I hope when Mom went up to heaven that Dad came down and walked her up, arm in arm, on a set of steps made of clouds.

Me Being a Concerned Little Man

One time, when i was little, i didnt want to eat my supper. just for the record, i never wanted to eat when i was little. a lot has changed since then. my mommy said to me, "frankie, don't you know that there are poor little children in other children in other countries starving and they would love to have some food to eat." I started crying and i said, "mommy, will you please send it to them?" 

At the Circus

My mom took me to the circus when I was little and I wanted to go down to the show and pet the lions. My mom said I couldn't. I said, "Pleeeeeeeeeeease!" She said no. Things escallated and I ended up crying--my heart was breaking. The more my mom tried to reason the more I cried-hysterically! Finally my mom said, "You can't go down there because the lion will bite you and will really hurt you." I said, "The lion's not biting that man (the trainer)!" Mom said, "The lion knows that man." I stood up and screamed, "Hey lion, my name is Frankie. I wanna come down and pet you!" All the while blubbering.