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Say What!?!
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How I started the Whole "School" Thing  
Missy suggested that I take a computer class at the Hampden Family Center-Spring of 2000. This was supposed to be a quick thing with a few weeks of class. I enjoyed it so much that I thought that I would go to the community college and see what would happen if I just talked to a counselor. The ball started rolling and I signed up for a course for student preparation. Then I signed up for financial aid to see what would happen. I got mega bucks for financial aid so as the snowball started rolling. I ended up majoring in computer science. I am actively pursuing a career in the computer industry and if I ever finish this schooling I will be ready to go to work. I should be about ready to retire by the time I get a degree.
I wonder what would have happened if I had not taken the computer class at the family center.
Now I am a real estate agent. The evolution of Frank.