Hey It's My Friend Frank!
Future Stuff
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This is future stuff-can't ya read man?

Yea baby!
Left click me
to see something
really groovy baby!

Left click me baby!
Oh behave!

Picture added per Gloria Scott's request (even though she wouldn't let Mike and me light her on fire-we told her it wouldn't hurt)--You ask for it, you get it on All about Frank!

Check back soon and I will have some more Frankisms for you
Roses are red,
  spanked hinees are too.
Come back to my website,
  you poopie poo poo.

Write some stuff in my guestbook. Maybe about how I saved your life or how you cannot live without me. Or maybe about the way I am so cool or handsome or how I look so fit and trim in my new shoes and how that beer in my hand makes me look so cool. I am sure you can think of something.
Watta ya want in the future? Let your webmaster know. (That's right, I'm your webmaster---that's web-MASTER!)