Hey It's My Friend Frank!
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4) Mike Morgan (Brother) Late 60'S Tried to put my brother in the dryer. Dad caught us. I was just trying to give him a really cool ride like we did at the carnival. 
5) Mike Morgan (Brother) Mid 70's Encouraged Mike to jump out of a tree when Anthony took us ,with Shy, to Wyman Park after slipping and falling out myself. I told Mike I would jump 1st and then he would go. We were so redicuously high up in the tree that I was going to creep out on the branch and pretend to jump and of course Mike, being afraid for my safety, would say, "Don't jump, you will hurt yourself." Well, while creeping out on the branch I lost my footing and slipped and fell to the ground. I immediatly got up, unscathed but shaken, and looked up and said, "Your turn!"  Mike had to go to the hospital and had a sprained leg
6) Mike Morgan (Brother) Mid 70's Had a paint battle while painting the hallway. I was using oil base for the trim and Mike was using water base for the walls, which means when he painted on me, mine washed off with soap and water, but when I painted him, he needed turpentine to get it off. While trying to wash off, Mike decided to pour turpentine on his skin over the filling bathtub and then added some extra in his bath water to bathe in and then maybe the paint would really come off easily. Well about 5 minutes into the bath, Mike started "burning". He's like, "Frank this is starting to burn!" I'm like, "It will be ok." Sure enough, about 5 minutes later, after reiterating several times about the "burning", getting louder and more insistent with every comment about the "burning", Mike is up hopping around and with every passing minute he is "burning" more, ending up with Mike running through the house at top speed, strip naked, screaming at the top of his lungs, "It's burning! Call Gram and tell her to pray for me!" After calling Gram and her praying for Mike I called the hospital, after Mike's insistance,"I'ts burning! Call an ambulance!" Finally, after calliing the hospital, (and busting out into hysterical laughter to the lady on the phone from the hospital, just from the craziness of the situation, with Mike charging at me and screaming at me, "Shut the %#$@ up and stop laughing you %#$%@#@ @#%$!") I was told to put him in an ice cold bath. He screamed again, "It's freezing!" But it did the trick. (People, I hate to sound sexist, but please, do not leave teenage boys under the age of 17 years old home alone. Girls do not do things like this; ask any girl you know. Now, ask any boy you know and they will have a similar story to tell. Really!)

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