All My Peeps
Hey It's My Friend Frank!
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My Extended Family

Friends who pull me through:
Two friends that I somehow forgot to add:
             Melissa Thompson and Kelledy Francis
Pete -n- Susan Love and their Monsters
Gloria Neith-Bullock 
Mike Morgan
Amy Wheeler                        
Sandi Weiss         
Stacie -n- John Ohmann
David Soroka       
John (The best Godson in the world )and Lukie Poopie and Mickey 
Cathy Monaghan               
Andrew Van Styn
Butch, Sandi, Nicole, Shelly, Ernie
Chelsea and Tara 
Patsy Flanagan                  
Derek Rojas                                              
Lulu and Kirby Scott                           
Terry and Sherry
Heather Hax                        
Missy, Matt, Little Matt, Emily
Anna Brookins                   
Lisa Morgan
Dawn Dawson                     
Layne Bosserman
Allison Kellner
Britney Spears
Geoff Danek
Derek Rojas                     
Shell, Boots, Maggie May, Mittie Mae,
                 and ChuckieCheese
Big Nate
All the kitchen guys: Lil' Nate, Marques, John, Sam
All my other coworkers: Megan, Mandy, Porscha, Shannon, Lauren, Amanda
My wonderful customers: Kate and Sean (Blond with sangria and her cool fiance from Byoona Vista), Matt and Sela Morgan- my "cousins"
The coolest neighbors: Lucy Hoopes (My 10th grade English teacher and 1st class neighbor)
Matt -n- Carrie
An old friend that has re-entered my life: 
                   Karen  Dickey (Martin)
Roses are red,
     yes they are all the rage.
But what do you think,
     of my "All My Peeps" page?
If you are not on the list contact me. Lifes busy ups and downs tend to make us a little senile. For instance, today I was in the DMV straightening out my registration and getting it reinstated due to failure to get my emmisions. DUH!!!

The real question is what are they pulling me through?